♊♊♊♊ Welcom to MU MEXICO 3.0 ♊♊♊♊

MU MEXICO 3.0 Mobile is a mobile online stimulation game.
It is built and developed on the latest Unity 3D at present.
MU MEXICO 3.0 Mobile inherits most of the special features of the MU Online version on PC and it’s compatible with phone users.
Mu Mobile promises to bring a new and unique style of action games for Asian gamers.

♊♊♊♊ Outstanding features ♊♊♊♊

☣️ Ultra Level 30 Wing.
☣️ Super new talisman up to 30.
☣️ Super New PET System.
☣️ Adds lots of extra items.
☣️ Many New Event Features.
☣️ Investment System.
☣️ Fun 7 days fun.
☣️ New Kanrutan Map.
☣️ Territorial Resource System.
☣️ New Elbeland Map.
☣️ Duplicate Crywolf.
☣️ Stylish fashion system.
☣️ Demon Tower level 150.
☣️ Rebirth level up to 15.
☣️ Appearance +20.
☣️ Olympic activities.
☣️ Secret Museum.
☣️ And a lot of Ingame add-ons.
Join forces with powerful players and conquer enemies in the immersive world of MU MEXICO 3.0 today!

♊♊♊♊ Info Contact ♊♊♊♊

📱 Home download: https://www.mumexico.com
📱 Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/MuMexicoMobile/
✔️ Download Android the best on the "UC Browser” browser
✔️ Download IOS the best on the "Safari" browser